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Are you a homeowner located in the Earlington, PA area looking for residential or commercial roofing services? Has your home been impacted by the recent storms that have swept through the PA area? Look no further than to Figueroa Contracting for all your roofing needs! We are a roofing company based in Telford, PA, completely providing ourselves on above and beyond excellence. We are a roofing company created by homeowners and business owners, for homeowners and business owners. Your problems are our problems, and we are committed and dedicated to being alleviating them.

How Our Storm Damage Repair Process Works

Homeowners are typically delighted to find out that they may not have to come out of pocket much money to cover the cost of their new roof! Let us explain: if you are currently covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, it may be easier than you think to have your roof covered (no pun intended). One small shingle being ripped off the roof leads to the other shingles around it being ripped, and on and on it goes until you experience severe leeking and rotting.


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any insurance companies and cannot say for sure whether or not your policy will cover our services. Many people in fact prefer to pay in cash, which is completely fine as well. We are mostly talking about storm damage repair cases that require timely service and attention. Below is a roadmap breakdown of how we handle each roof job:


  • You call us letting us know you have roof damage and are in need of assistance
  • We come out to inspect your Earlington property, assessing damage, and helping you submit your claim to your insurance company
  • The insurance agent comes out, letting us know the next steps moving forward, assessing the damage themselves and figuring out the costs of the job
  • Once you’ve agreed to have us handle the contract, we begin working on the roof! That easy


Our expert team of salesman and contractors understand the importance of communication, and will ensure that our customers are kept in loop with what is going on throughout each step of your repair.


If you have any other questions about how Figueroa Contracting works or would like to schedule an appointment for roof damage assessment please contact us at 267-621-7284.


Taking care of storm damage in a timely manner is extremely important. We liken the need for timely roof replacements in the same way we get our oil changed: an oil change keeps your car lubricated and in great shape for the long term. Something as small and simple as a $40 job, even cheaper if you buy the oil yourself, can cost you a check engine light job, or even cost you your entire car, if left unchecked.


The same goes for untimely roof replacement. Neglecting your roof for extended periods of time can cost you your entire home in worse cases. If your home is flooded because of a leaky roof, you might not be able to live there again. This can cost thousands or even millions for some people depending on how much damage has been caused and where the water came from.


Lesson: if you are in need of assistance with any type of storm damage repair please contact us at 267-621-7284! We take pride in our customer service; we will make sure that whatever problem you have is fixed quickly and properly so as not to cause more harm than good.

Earlington Residential Roofing Services

Our residential roofing services are available for both homeowners and business owners. We take pride in our workmanship, as we want to make sure that everything is done correctly the first time around so you don’t have to worry about more problems down the line with a poorly installed new roof. Do not hesitate to contact us if your property has been damaged by recent storms or weather conditions! We will come out to immediately assess what needs to be repaired and provide an estimate of cost before moving forward with any additional steps. When it comes time for installation, we will install your roof carefully and efficiently while also making sure all debris from the old shingles have been picked up properly – no mess left behind! For commercial buildings there may be some

Earlington PA Commercial Roofing Services


Your commercial roofing services are no different than your residential. As a business owner, you need to make sure that employees and customers alike can be safe when entering the premises of your establishment; this is why we will ensure that every single step in our installation process meets all safety codes set forth by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). We also take special care to clean up after ourselves so as not to distract from other important aspects of running the day-to-day operations at your facility. Do not hesitate to contact us if there has been any damage done recently! Our team works quickly and efficiently to get things back on track for you so that nothing affects how smoothly business gets done while working with Figueroa Contracting.


Earlington PA Storm Damage Repair Services


We are currently accepting calls for storm damage repair services! We have been inundated with requests since the arrival of the recent PA storms, but we are still able to take new jobs. If you think there is any roofing work that needs to be done on your home or business please do not hesitate to call 267-621-7284; our team will make sure everything gets handled efficiently and quickly so you can get back up and running in no time at all! Call today for a free estimate.


We hope you received value from reading this article! If you did, please consider leaving a comment or sharing with a friend. Click the card below titled “Schedule a Free Inspection” to be taken to our scheduling page where you will be able to get connected with our team immediately. For faster service, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


Matt Abbagnaro
Matt Abbagnaro

Head of Marketing | Figueroa Contracting

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