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Homeowners are usually delighted to find out that, in fact, they don’t have to come out of pocket with any major expense for their roof! People typically think “oh no, there’s something wrong with my roof. We have a leak, this can lead to more damage. Shingles are missing, before you know it we’ll have to shell out $10K of our hard earned money.” This can be true in some cases, but let us explain how we can potentially avoid having you pay so much money out of pocket. Figueroa Contracting is a small roofing business based in Telford, PA, serving all of Telford, Harleysville, and southeastern PA.


Our number one goal is making our customers happy with the work we do for them. Finding out that you don’t have to come out of pocket is very exciting, and it can be done with the help of an insurance agent who has seen many roofs similar to yours. They know exactly how much money will need to go into your roofing project so they can give us a more accurate quote for our services without being surprised by any other expenses.


The way the roofing process works: the customer calls to receive a quote, we come out to inspect the roof and see how bad it is and whether or not it can be covered by homeowners insurance. If it is, we submit a claim and have an insurance agent come out and give us the out of pocket expenses. By now, you’d have received your out of pocket quote, which many times, our clients are absolutely delighted by.


We have been providing Harleysville Roofing services for some time now, and we are incredibly passionate about what we do! If there is anything we can help you with, please call us at 267-621-7284 or fill out this form below to get in touch.

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Then comes our part – installing your new roof! We typically are able to finish jobs in one day, keeping your driveway clear and debris gone. You are always free to check up on any projects being performed at your home if there are any concerns about safety or security- just ask one of our friendly employees for assistance with showing you around.


Figueroa Contracting provides free inspections and quotes when you call or book online. They are fully licensed and insured in PA and NJ, providing Harleysville residents with peace of mind that their roof will be installed by a professional company who cares about the quality of work they do for every customer!


As a disclaimer – the process is not the same for every person’s roof, as some people’s roofs are not able to be replaced by homeowners insurance for one reason or another. Although, we can say many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised to find that they were able to save TONS by being approved. Usually what happens is our clients are so pleased with our services that they recommend us to the whole neighborhood! If anything we’ve explained here still seems unclear, feel free to give us a call to inquire further – 267-621-7284



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