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Have you recently noticed a leak in your living room that wasn’t there a month ago? Do you think you’ve been impacted by the recent storms hitting southeastern PA? Then look no further than to Figueroa Contracting for all your Hatfield PA roofing needs! We are fully licensed and insured in PA and NJ and have been servicing roofs throughout the area for some time now. It is our passion to provide excellent quality services to homeowners, and you may even be shocked to find out that you can save a TON by hiring us!


Sometimes all it takes is one shingle being ripped off to cause a leak. When that happens, the five around it become loose too, and when they get ripped off, then you have major roof damage. The damage is only going to become worse if you don’t fix it soon. The longer you wait to call, the more damage will be done. We can get out there quickly and help save your house!


If your roof has been damaged by the recent storms we highly recommend calling us for a free consultation to find out how much money we can save you! We work with homeowners insurance companies to make sure everyone comes out of this happy. Our customers know they are getting quality service at an affordable price when they hire Figueroa Contracting.


Without trying to sound too scary, it is very possibly for a silly roof leak to grow, spread, and cause nearly irreparable structural damage. Your roof’s frame can begin to rot, that rot can grow and spread throughout your entire home, and before you know it you’re in real trouble.


Our customers know they are getting quality service at an affordable price when they hire Figueroa Contracting ! We have been servicing roofs throughout southeastern PA for some time now and we know what we’re doing.

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If you’ve noticed a leak in your living room that wasn’t there the month before, then it is high time for you to call us. We offer FAST and helpful emergency services and storm damage repair. Our goal is to be a highly dependable roofing company that puts homeowners first. There is no need for you to worry! We are here to help.


We take pride in saving our clients money by working directly with them as well as their insurance company so that they get the cheapest possible option without breaking the bank. Here’s a little about how our process works:


Our Process:


Step 1 – You give us a call, request a quote, and let us know about your recent roof damage and that you’d like to stay on top of it.


Step 2 – We come out, assess your roof’s damage, try to find out a bit about what happened (did a neighbor throw a hammer at your roof, was there a storm recently, did an anvil fall from the sky, etc.)


Step 3 – We submit a claim with your insurance company to see if this is something that can be covered (no pun intended)


Step 4- If it is in fact something we can fix for a low price through your insurance, we’ll get the out of pocket costs quote back from your insurance company, and review it with you to see if it makes sense.


Step 5 – Just like that, you’re ready for a new roof!


Homeowners are typically delighted to find that they can save several thousands of dollars by working with their insurance company to see if they qualify!


A little disclaimer: we can’t know for sure whether or not your homeowners insurance will cover your roof damage. Situations can vary based on whether there was weather damage, what type of policy you have, etc. We promise to be as diligent as possible in finding you the perfect price.


Figueroa Contracting really works hard to ensure all homeowners are happy. We always try our best to find a solution everyone is satisfied with. Once this process has been completed, we will make sure a new roof is installed correctly and efficiently!


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