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Now proudly offering Jenkintown Roofing Services, trust Figueroa Contracting to keep you covered! Fully licensed and insured in both PA and NJ, we have what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Based in Telford, PA and primarily serving the entire southeastern PA area, we are extremely passionate about offering homeowners the absolute best experience possible.


Our founder Chris Figueroa spent most of his life working for another roofing company in the Telford area. When he felt he had what it takes to run a company of his own, he put together a skilled team of workers and salesman and got to work!


As a family-oriented business, we take great pride in working with homeowners just like you. We work hard to earn your trust and prove ourselves every day on the job site! And if for any reason something goes wrong or you have questions about our process, there’s never an issue getting a hold of us.


Our Jenkintown PA roofers are here around the clock to help get things done right from start to finish. So when it comes time for new shingles , don’t hesitate call today at 267-621-7284 ! Or simply fill out this contact form below.

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How Our Process Works


Explaining to people how this process works is one of our favorite parts of this job. Homeowners are typically delighted to find out that it is usually not a major expense to even replace your entire roof!


Step by step:


  1. You reach out to us letting us know you need a new roof/ need a short piece of it repaired
  2. We come out, get on top of the roof, and see what’s going on.
  3. If necessary, we will file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company


  • Some folks are ready to pay out of pocket, which is also completely fine.
  • Most jobs we see are mostly able to be covered by your insurance company, typically meaning you’ll only have to come out of pocket with a small amount to meet your deductible.
  • Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee what amount you’ll end up having to pay out of pocket. We can only speak from experience, although, most homeowners are delighted to find out that they only needed to pay a little bit to meet their costs!


Lastly, we’ll get your quote back from your homeowner’s insurance company, sign the contract, and schedule getting the job done! As stated above, most homeowners are extremely excited to find that they don’t have to pay much at all!


The Importance of Replacing Your Roof in a Timely Manner


We know that being in need of a new roof can be an extremely frustrating situation. Some common reasons roofs are replaced are: wind damage, leaky or damaged shingles, hail/storm damage, ice dams forming on the edges — all these things have one thing in common… they’re not good . And when you let them go too much longer without addressing any problems with your roof – it will get worse before getting better. So while some folks may attempt to wait out their issues hoping they’ll just fix themselves (which typically NEVER happens), we highly recommend to take action immediately before things get any worse.


Let Figueroa Contracting be your go-to guys for Jenkintown PA roofing services and replacements! Trust our team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We’re always happy to hear from you, whether it’s about a new roof or just need some work on an existing one, we can help make things right again! Reach out today at 267-621-7284 !


Ceiling Collapse Nightmare Story (From the Author)


Hey guys! My name is Matt, and I’m the head of marketing here at Figueroa Contracting. When I was younger, my landlord of the apartment I lived at didn’t take care of the roof as he should have. One night, as I was trying to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep as I kept hearing loud banging sounds going all throughout the house. I figured my neighbor might have been moving something around a bit late, maybe she didn’t have the time to do it earlier.


Next thing I know, WAM! I heard a devastatingly loud sound come from the laundry room, which was right next to the bedroom where I slept. As I opened the door to look inside, there it was… the ceiling had collapsed to the floor! From my knowledge and experience working with Figueroa Contracting, I realized what the problem was, and was able to spot it out right away. Roof leaks turned into structural damage of the frame, which turned into damage to the ceiling’s drywall, which continued to compound more and more over time resulting in major damage to the apartment.


This did not happen overnight, however. This was due to major negligence of the property. If you’re not careful yourself, a tiny leak in your ceiling can turn into catastrophic loss. Negligence may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, but regular roof damage from storms will. So make sure you schedule an appointment to inspect what’s going on up there.

We can’t stress enough how important regular inspections are. If your roof is starting to show signs of wear or damage, give us a ring immediately so we can take care of any problems before they get even worse! We’ll be more than happy to send one of our guys out right away – just give us a call at 267-621-7284.


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Matt Abbagnaro
Matt Abbagnaro

Head of Marketing | Figueroa Contracting

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