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Who We are

Figueroa Contracting is now proudly offering Sellersville PA Roofing Services to homeowners and business owners! If your home has been recently impacted by the storms sweeping through southeastern PA, we would be more than happy to help. Something as simple as a small roof leak can be a symptom of a much larger problem that needs to be addressed in your home. Roof leaks can mean a number of things, though typically it is because another major importance part of your roof has been damaged from excessive waterlogging, and missing shingles, among other things. Don’t wait to repair or replace your roof, call Figueroa Contracting today!

Why We Do What We DO

Figueroa Contracting is extremely passionate about roofing. Founded several years back by our CEO Chris Figueroa, we have since grown a team of dedicated and efficient roofing professionals. We have one goal in mind: offer the highest possible quality of effective, efficient roofing services. We know your time and money is extremely valuable, and the last thing we want to do is waste it. Get in touch with Figueroa Contracting today to learn more about how we can help keep you covered!


How Our Process Works


Our clients are usually delighted to find out how money we can save them! This section of the article will break down how our process works a bit. 


  • You give us a call or fill out a form on our website letting us know you are in need of roof replacement/repair.
  • We help you get the best estimate possible (if you are using your homeowner’s insurance, we will help you submit a claim to see if you quality. Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee any exact prices that you’ll have to pay in conjunction with your insurance company. Cash is also a completely acceptable form of payment. 
  • After your claim is submitted, we’ll notify you of your out of pocket costs and begin drawing up the contract
  • We agree to the terms of the contract and schedule your roof job
  • The date is here and we are in and out in one day
  • Roofing job well done! Another happy client


Clients are often delighted to find out how much they can save by working with Figueroa Contracting. We are very passionate about what we do and are happy to work with you on any type of job you need.


Sellersville Residential Roofing Services


Sellersville PA homeowners… we have an opportunity for you! Based in Telford, PA right in your backyard, Figueroa Contracting is dedicated to offering you the absolutely best roofing experience imaginable. As homeowners ourselves, we pride ourselves on a high standard of quality workmanship and service. Whether your home has been damaged by a recent storm, or your roof is slowly deteriorating from natural causes, count on us to help keep you covered.


Sellersville Commercial Roofing Services


Figueroa Contracting is a roofing company created by small business owners, for small business owners, and larger businesses. We’ve serviced churches, buildings, as well as many other types of establishments. We pride ourselves in the work we do and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We know that as a business owner, your goal is to keep costs down as much as possible. Any forgeign expense can be damaging to your business, which is something that us business owners would like to avoid at all costs. Our goal is to help keep money in your pocket. By replacing/repairing your roof, you can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Leaks can turn into rotting, and rotting can turn into devastating structural collapse. That is not something you want to deal with at all. Let Figueroa Contracting save you time and money this season by restoring your roof!


Sellersville Storm Damage Repair


Not only is Figueroa known for our A++ service, we’re also known for our incredibly timely emergency repair services! If you are a Sellersville PA resident in need of emergency storm damage repair, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be there in no time with a one day turnaround time, every time. 


The Dangers of Leaving Your Roof Damaged


Leaving your roof damaged without repair or replacement can lead to several problems down the line that you may have never imagined. This can happen in several ways.


For one, a single shingle being ripped from your roof causes all the shingles around it to be ripped off as well. This leads to a domino effect, ripping off every shingle around each other until finally you have a completely dilapidated roof. This can cause leaks, structural damage, and all other problems. Leaks turn into rot, and even worse, it can cause a ceiling or a roof to completely collapse. 


It is extremely important to care for your roof in a timely manner, before problems compound. The longer you wait, the worse it can be for you and your family. An analogy we like to use here at Figueroa often is this; repairing your roof is similar to getting your oil changed. A simple $30-$50 job can maintain and improve the integrity of your car for miles. Changing your car’s oil lubricates the machinery in the vehicle, allowing it to operate smoothly as it was designed. 


Things pile up in our lives sometimes and become way more difficult than we bargained for. Be sure to get in touch with Figueroa Contracting to help keep you covered!


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